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Welcome to Governing Good

hope the posts and resources here are useful to non-profit sector boards, executive directors and those who work with them. I am interested in write on a variety of governance related topics including board dynamics, organizational culture, conflict communications, board structure and composition, ethics, and group or team leadership.

I have been a long time advocate for, and resource person to, non-profit and charitable organizations. My work has been mostly Nova Scotia based. Much of this work was enabled by the fact that I was, for more than 30 years, a university faculty member working in a continuing education context with individual adults and groups. I have had, and hopefully will continue to have, the privilege to learn from and assist others active in the sector.

Online blogs provide a format that enables interaction and dialogue. I invite you to comment on any of the blog posts using the reply function at the bottom of each item. I will review each response and post those that add to the conversation, especially ones that offer different points of view to my own. Unless there is a compelling reason otherwise, only comments where the contributor is willing to identify his/her name and organization or community location will be posted.  If I post your reply you can expect a thank you e-mail from me as a form of notification.

I also invite readers to subscribe to Governing Good by providing your e-mail address. You will automatically be notified of new posts and and resource material additions. On average you can expect one or two notifications a month.  You can unsubscribe at any time. I will not have access to your e-mail subscription addresses and therefore they cannot and will not be used for other purposes.

General feedback via the contact function is also welcome. I will endeavour to respond in kind.